Battle of the Burger Joints – Patty and Bun VS Shake Shack



P&B – the burgers, the wings and the slaw, the vibe (cool music!)

Shake Shack – the burgers, the frozen yogurt

Not so great:

P&B – VERY LONG queue, tight space inside the restaurant

SS – the food was … nice but sub-standard. Too much of a hype surrounding it built too high an expectation perhaps. The atmosphere was very much “fast food, in and out” with staff trying to clear your table every 10 mins.


P&B – loved everything we ordered. The burgers were juicy and tender with sauces and ingredients that are perfect accompaniments. Sides such as the wings and the slaw were also every bit as delicious. Dessert was a little disappointing though.

SS – I did like my mushroom topped Shake Shack burger but was unimpressed with the overall taste of everything. To compare it with Burger King is a little degrading BUT, it was just “ok” burgers. The frozen yogurt and crinkle chips were nice.


P&B – We must have waited for an hour just to get a table, a very small table. Once we’re in, the smell of food, the cool music, speedy service and friendly staff made up for it. Trendy, dimmed lighting, not great for photography though.

SS – Considering the fact that it is in Covent Garden, the queuing time was rather short. We didn’t starve for too long 🙂 The open-air seating arrangement means we had a constant stream of people walking and watching us eat. Not to my liking. 


Comparable. What I would call “high end fast food”. About £30 for 2 people.

My overall rating:

P&B – 9/10 (my favourite burger joint to date)

SS – 6.5/10


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