Recipe: Stir Fry Beef and Black Bean Ho Fun (flat rice noodles)

Recipe for one of my favourite Chinese dishes, the Stir Fry Beef and Black Bean Ho Fun


3 burgers in 1 week!

Is there such a thing as “all-burgered-out”? Not sure if it applies to me I went to 3 different places and had 3 very different burgers. The familiar (and much loved) – Patty and Bun (James Street, West End) The new contender – Bukowski (Brixton Market) The chain – Byron (Kingston) Patty and Bun What can I say?…

The Elvis Burger from Cask

Cask Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico, London Juicy “Elvis” #burger by @fortyburger  Contains: #beef patty smothered in #peanutbutter , caramelised #banana and #bacon – what’s not to like?