What makes a good dining experience? (Part 2)

Last week, I shared with you my interview with @MissPsBarbecue and @TasteMauritius where they shared their own views on dining experiences and what’s important to them (What makes a good dining experience – Part 1). I’ve also had the pleasure to speak with Anthony, owner of The King & Co and Katy, Director of Market Fresh Communications

“It’s important to give the customers memories to hold on to…” Anthony

For Anthony, the laid back and friendly owner of The King & Co (@TheKingandCo) in Clapham Common, it is all about being part of the local community.

Anthony of The King and Co

Down to earth Anthony, owner of The King & Co

Anthony is highly experienced in the trade. In fact, he used to run the pub in this very same location years ago, before returning late last year to become the owner. The King & Co is, as it’s website suggested, a bit different from your average boozer. From the layout and cosy decor, to the wide variety of drink choices and the rotating street food residency concept, it is the perfect local pub that you’d want to go to every Sunday.

The King and Co

Cosy set up just before Christmas

The KIng and Co bar and kitchen

The KIng and Co bar and kitchen

Because of it’s unique concept, The King & Co has attracted the attention of the foodie community since it’s opening last year. It is now frequented by food bloggers and locals alike. Anthony opens his kitchen to known street food vendors and supper club hosts on a rotating basis. Their drinks offering also rotates to match the food offering. This means that there is always something new that’s worth yet another visit.

Wide selection of beer at The King & Co

Wide selection of beer at The King & Co

The King & Co dining experience

The King & Co is built to mirror Anthony’s ideal dining experience. “Basically, what I’ve done is I’ve created something I wanna eat and drink and hope others like the idea”. Anthony said that a quality offering (both food and drinks), flexible and informal table service, as well as great customer interaction are what we can expect from The King and Co. “It’s about creating an environment where people can enjoy themselves.” He went on to explain.

As for his own memorable dining experiences, Anthony said jokingly that he is very critical and forgetful at the same time. He likes decent, honest meals with good customer service. The surprise element also rates highly in his books…a pleasant surprise, that is. He added, one of the best curries he has had was in Reykjavik…which was definatly a pleasant surprise.

“…to truly stand out, businesses must offer something different” Katy

Katy (@KatyMarketFresh) is a foodie and a passionate communication specialist who helps chefs, producers, street food vendors and restaurateurs to connect with foodies, like me, through a fresh new approach.

Katy, Director of Market Fresh Communications

Katy, Director of Market Fresh Communications

As a blogger, turned marketing and communication professional, Katy knows what foodies look for and how to reach them. Her knowledge of the London food scene is nothing if not impressive. She works very closely with her clients to understand what they have to offer and makes it share-worthy, creating that buzz within the foodie community.

Katy believes that tasty food is important, but to truly stand out, food businesses must have a differentiation. You can tell Katy’s depth of experience just by listening, as she explained some of the factors that help traders stand out – locally sourced ingredients, preparation method, authenticity of the taste, accessibility and contribution towards worthy causes.

“Foodies nowadays are more knowledgeable and thoughtful” said Katy. She pointed out that they demand more from businesses, not just to be fed.

“I enjoy supporting street vendors because I know how much time and effort they put into their cooking and how much passion they have…” Being a firm supporter of small businesses, Katy encourages her clients to get to know their customers. She knows that seeing the faces and the passion behind the good food makes it that much more meaningful and worthy of support. And I second that!

Market Fresh Communications website

Market Fresh Communications website

Katy’s memorable dining experiences

On her own dining experience, gastrounaut Katy mentioned traders she’s known and loved, including the below:

She concluded the interview by saying “There will be even more in 2015!” Amen to that, I say.

For more information:

  • Regular pub goer or not, I’d recommend you check out The King & Co, especially if you’re local. Currently, Bah Bah Persian Kitchen (@BahBahLondon) is serving up some tasty dishes at The King & Co.
    For more information about the pub, follow them on Twitter: @TheKingandCo or visit their website: www.thekingandco.uk
  • If you’re a trader or a start-up interested to know more about promoting your business and connecting with the foodie community, have a chat with Katy through Twitter (@KatyMarketFresh) or visit her website: www.marketfreshcomms.com

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