Sunday roast review…

The Glasshouse, New Malden, Surrey

The Glasshouse – what I would describe as a “slightly posh pub”. Having said that, not the slightest bit pretentious. Clearly favourited by the locals.

  • Highlights – The environment: The bar area is surrounded by cosy sofas and few fire places. The back of the pub opens out to a dining area and a backyard (great for summer time chilling). Free wi-fi available.
  • Not so great – Being a family pub, there were a few crying babies in the midst.
  • Food – Good quality roast lamb, crispy-out-fluffy-in roast potatoes and well cooked side vege. Subtle yet complimentary red wine gravy. I approve!
  • Price – Good for a Sunday roast. Bordering high for pub lunch.
  • Atmosphere – Very cosy, comfortable and relaxing
  • Staff – Attentive

My overall rating: 6/10



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