My blog and I

As you can probably tell, I love my food. I wouldn’t claim to be a professional food blogger just someone with a passion for eating and sharing.

About me

From Malaysia

I am a Malaysian-born, Chinese, who have spent half my time enjoying the vast variety of cuisine that South East Asia has to offer. The fresh ingredients, the spices, the fusion flavours… we’ve got it all. From the 10pm dim sum service in Chinese restaurants to the 3am post-clubbing Mamak stall visit; good food is easily available, 24/7. Not forgetting home cooked comfort is always an option too 🙂

To England

I then moved to Bradford, North England to pursue my studies. Depressing at first, given the change of food scene and the non-availability of home cooking. My move to London, the city of gastronomic abundance, has allowed me to rekindle with my old passion.

Through sheer determination and the power of gluttony, I have sampled some of the finest dishes Europe has to offer. From Michelin starred restaurants, inventive street food and everything in between, I have my favourites and recommendations across the range. I’d like to think that with all that eating, I have a pretty experienced taste palate (not fussy, not “refined”, just experienced). Using those experienced taste buds, I have created quite a few delicious home cooked meals, if I may say so myself 🙂

She Lives 2 Eat

My blog is for like-minded people who are looking for:

  • Honest opinion and recommendation on eateries of all sorts
  • Super quick and simple recipe ideas that are inspired by actual recipes or dishes I sampled (I am not a recipe-following person. Too impatient.)
  • Shortcuts to making tasty food (NOTE: Taste over calorie-counting, always)
  • Sweet treats (doughnuts, afternoon tea, pastries… you name it)

Get in touch

You can also follow my glutton trail on:

Twitter: @SheLives2Eat
Instagram: @SheLives2Eat
Flickr: Angela Sam(@SheLives2Eat)

You can also contact me @ if you’re interested in working with me or simply meeting up for some ideas sharing. Happy for you to feature my photos with credit to Angela@SheLives2Eat.

Professionally, I am an experienced marketer. Food, photography and blogging is a hobby. I’m always keen to support people in the industry where I can. My opinion is free!


2 thoughts on “My blog and I

  1. I am so happy to run across your instagrama and now your faithful blog follower. I have the passion for food but I can’t put my thoughts into descriptive words like you do. I really enjoy your gastronomic photos and posts. Keep up the good work!



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