@ThuyVietKitchen ‘s Vietnamese supper club

@ThuyVietKitchen ‘s Vietnamese supperclub

The Public House, Islington

Overdue post about the lovely Thuy’s Vietnamese pop up…

10 courses of classic vietnamese dishes, some of which I haven’t sampled prior to this. If I were to sum up Vietnamese food – fresh, clean, simple with delicate flavour.

Here are the dishes from my dinner:

  1. Chicken, crab and sweetcorn soup
  2. Hot crispy spring rolls with carrots and papaya salad
  3. Grilled scallop in spicy lemongrass sauce
  4. Vietnamese national dish: Beef pho noodles
  5. Steamed rice rolls with minced pork, carrot and mushroom filling
  6. Caramelised belly pork skewers with mango and pomegranate salad, on prawn crackers (Dish of the night!)
  7. Prawn and pork summer rolls
  8. Pan seared sea bream with caramelised ginger in spicy lemongrass sauce
  9. Beef wrapped in Betel leaf, with rice noodle (packs a punch!)
  10. Banana fritters and green tea ice cream
  11. Vietnamese coffee from The Saigon Coffee Company

To add to the wonderful evening, each guest was given a goodie bag with Thuy’s secret lemongrass sauce (compliments most dishes – fish, chicken, beef, salad) and 2 little packets of Vietnamese coffee (if you like strong coffee, I’d recommend giving this a go).

All in all, a good night with good food 🙂


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