3 burgers in 1 week!

Is there such a thing as “all-burgered-out”? Not sure if it applies to me :/

I went to 3 different places and had 3 very different burgers.

  • The familiar (and much loved)Patty and Bun (James Street, West End)
  • The new contenderBukowski (Brixton Market)
  • The chainByron (Kingston)

Patty and Bun

What can I say? One of my utter favourite burgers vendors in London. I had my eyes on both the “Hot Chic” chicken burger as well as the special –  “Fat Duck”. My strategy – “swapsies” so that I can sample both!

The Fat Duck contains a juicy beef patty, the key ingredient – foie gras, obligatory lettuce and brioche bun.
The foie gras gave the already very flavoursome P&B burger a creamy, rich texture. The taste of their secret burger sauces seemed to be intensified when blended in with the beef juice and soft goose liver. So good!


The Hot Chic was exceptional too! I normally wouldn’t go for a chicken burger but my gut feeling said “this is going to be a good one”! And it was…

The tender chicken with crispy batter was the first big tick. Garlic aioli was probably what made me go for it in the first place. The hot sauce was a great compliment to the deep fried, unlike other Buffalo style hot sauce (too salty most of the time).

My rating: 9/10

Next… Bukowski

We were struggling to find a restaurant who has a table for 6 without having to wait for hours, and stumbled upon this grillhouse in the busy Brixton Market.


GREAT FIND! I went straight for the “Burger of the month”. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it (Sorry!).
This special burger had in it a very tender and rare beef patty, an argentinian sausage patty and chimichurri sauce. Heavenly combo! It made the burger very moorish! One bite after another, i couldn’t stop even though I had no more room.

Good burger, good fries and OK toffee popcorn milkshake 🙂 I was grinning when i left…

My rating: 8/10

The following day… Byron

My burger friends have been mentioning the Byron burger chain since forever. As a burger fan, I do feel obligated to at least know what their burger taste like.

Going against my better judgement, I went for the Special that was “Miami Slice” – beef patty, crispy potatoes, spicy salami, American cheese, smoked paprika ketchup, sourdough bun. Served with chicharrones (pork scratchings) and Byron hot sauce on the side.


Impressive ingredients but disappointing result. I was expecting fireworks but the burger was dry and the ingredients were non-distinguishable nor did they come well. Two biggest burger sins – dry, cold bun and over cooked beef patty. I will stop here.

Having said all that, they have A&W Vanilla Root Beer. Redeeming feature? Hmm… that’s not the point, but I was pleased with it.

My rating: 5/10


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