Bageriet, Swedish Bakery

Bageriet, Swedish bakery – Covent Garden

Great little gem in busy, tourist hangout that is Covent Garden.

Just about able to fit 8 people in this little bakery, the furniture and deco are simple and modern. It does remind me of Ikea 🙂

Having said that, the baked goods are by no means Ikea range. They are divine! The brioche with chocolate and a nutty filling was to die for. I actually took a moment to really savour my first bite. Yes, it was that good!

Their tea, piping hot, served with real creamy, cold milk, just the way i like it!

Every piece of pastry was dainty and precise. The magic baker emerge from the tiny kitchen as the other happy customers left. He was very friendly and obviously proud of how pleased we were. And so he should be!


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