Restaurant review… Cabana Brasil

Cabana BrasilWestfield London

After hearing much positive comments, I had to try it for myself, and so I did. Cabana Brazil, situation in the Southern Terrace of Westfield London.

Highlights:The relax, funky ambience, deco and selection of drinks

Not so great: Very slow service 😦

Food: Hmm… I had high hopes, perhaps too high. My Beirut Frango (chicken dish) was dry and bland. The other dishes, especially side orders such as the Cassava chips and brasillian homeslaw were actually quite nice. The steak were…well, not bad but nothing outstanding.

Price: Affordable. Around £80 for 4 people.

Atmosphere: relax, loud, busy

Staff: polite but slow service

My overall rating: 6.5 (will probably visit again to give it another go)



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