#StreetFood Heroes – part 2

Following on from my previous post #StreetFood Heroes – part 1, here are more of my street food heroes, whose food, dare I say, tastes better than a lot of high street restaurants; with flavours, quality and creativity that leave their customers wanting more!

And all that great food, served with a smile… 🙂



“Creative Malaysian fusion without compromising authenticity!” 

Sambal Shiok‘s creation – the Malaysian sliders, made me proud to fly the Malaysian flag. She’s taken two of the most iconic traditional dishes – the Beef Rendang and the Chicken Satay, turned them into a western favourite – mini burgers! There is no compromising the authentic flavours of the Rendang and Satay. It is just taste of home, in a bun.

Sambal Shiok

Sambal Shiok

Hero factors:

#1 The Rendang slider – Spices infused beef, slow cooked in coconut milk and and it’s own juices until tender and flavour-soaked, topped with pickled cucumber, placed in a warm mini brioche bun, .

#2  Sambal Shiok herself – Mandy’s warmth and friendliness make her already tasty food, tastes even better! Not that I am biased, she is a fellow Malaysian afterall 🙂

#3 The homemade sambal (spicy Malaysian chilli sauce) and spicy peanut / Satay sauce – perfect accompaniment for the sliders or any other meat dishes.

The Rendang Slider - heavenly!

The Rendang Slider – heavenly!

The slider trio - Chicken Satay, Beef Redang, Lentil Satay

The slider trio – Chicken Satay, Beef Redang, Lentil Satay


Can be found currently, at Street Food Union every Friday afternoon, Lewisham’s Street Feast Model Market Friday and Saturday evening (until end of Model Market trading season).

For up-to-date location, I’d suggest checking the website for information.



“Small,  perfect and plenty!”

Basque inspired pintxos expert Donostia Social Club is street food van and a pop up. At major street food events, you can see their mouth-watering pintxos on display on the narrow side bar of the familiar blue and white van. Their customers get to enjoy the food, a glass of good wine and the “open kitchen experience”.

Earlier in the month, Donostia SC has taken up residence in the newly refurbished gastro pub The King and Co. Thanks to the lovely @KatyMarketFresh, I was one of the lucky few that was invited to the launch party.

For the next 3 months, lucky residence of Clapham Common get to enjoy the flavour of San Sebastian during their visit to the local pub.

The menu

The menu

Hero factors:

#1 The variety of tasty small plates! It is exciting just waiting to taste the different combinations. If like me, you like choices, these little hot and cold pintxos are your kind of food. The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and put together to give the best in flavour. Though small in portion, nothing is overlooked or under seasoned. There’s something for everyone – meat, veggie and fish dishes. In my opinion, they are great for any occasion.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves…

#2 My favourites: The hot pintxos – lamb cutlet and seared scallops – Just the right texture and flavour. Cooked to perfection!

Lamb cutlet

Lamb cutlet w/ pea puree and broad beans

Seared scallops

Seared scallops with Spanish Ratatouille

#3 Paul’s passion and knowledge of his basque inspired small plates of wonders. There’s love and dedication in every plate!
More photos available on Flickr.
Army of burgers

Army of burgers






Follow @DonostiaSC on Twitter or check their website for the latest on their whereabouts.

More photos available on Flickr.


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