Restaurant review: Grain Store, KX

Location: Granary Square, Kings Cross, London

“Serving vegetarian dishes that even meat lovers approve!”

08130006_14945554815_lGrain Store has been on my foodie hit list for a long time. I’ve heard good things about it. However, being the burger-loving, meat eating carnivore that I am, I was somewhat skeptical about how much I would actually enjoy this “veggie-centric” dining experience. So happened, I was coming up with options for dinner with a good friend of mine, and a fellow foodie, who is into clean, healthy cooking. I knew that it’s time to give this restaurant a go.

Grain Store’s sustainable, healthier living themed menu is the work of Chef Bruno Loubet and The Zetter Group’s Michael Benyan and Mark Sainsbury. They’ve made vegetables the centerpiece of their dishes, rather than just side compliments. Meat and fish dishes are available as options too but fresh vegetables are always as important an ingredient in those dishes. Check out the menu for yourself, you’ll see what I mean. Staying true to their principle, the restaurant’s ingredients are sourced locally, with its suppliers proudly advertised on their site.


The location, the setting/ atmosphere and the exceptional food.


I was a little overwhelmed by the variety and unique combinations on the menu. It took me a while to decide on what I’d like for my course. Unlike most restaurant menus where your star ingredient, usually meat or fish, features as the lead for each dish, Grain Store has deliberately features the vegetarian ingredients as the star of the show. If you dont pay attention, you might not even see that the dish has meat/fish in it.

Special of the day Veal, broccolini, truffle gnocchi and broadbeans_14945517225_lSprouting seeds & grains, miso aubergine, crispy citrus chicken skin,_14942458331_lBeetroot & chocolate cake, red velvet syrup, ice cream_14758837659_l

Hesitantly, I went for:

  • Starter: Sprouting seeds & grains, miso aubergine, crispy citrus chicken skin, potato wafer
  • Main: The special of the day – Veal, tender broccolini, truffle gnocchi and broadbeans (Tender, well seasoned meat, melt in your mouth gnocchi, perfectly complimented by the broccolini and broadbeans for extra texture)
  • DessertBeetroot & chocolate cake, red velvet syrup, ice cream

Sweet potato waffle, raw & cooked vegetable salad_14945535505_l Flame roasted aubergine biryani, coconut yoghurt, mint & cucumber_14758909498_l Coconut & kaffir lime, green tapioca, sweet potatoes, banana wafer_14945158812_l

And my friend went for:

  • Starter: Sweet potato waffle, raw & cooked vegetable salad
  • Main: Flame roasted aubergine biryani, coconut yoghurt, mint & cucumber
  • Dessert: Coconut & kaffir lime, green tapioca, sweet potatoes, banana wafer

Favourites as highlighted 🙂

Impressed with the creative flavour and ingredients combo, we were both singing praises all the way through the meal. Every single dish introduced a new texture or taste to the palette. My skepticism vanished after 2 course and was anticipating dessert even though I wasn’t where I would find space for the third course.


Our waitress of the evening was very friendly, attentive but not invasive. She’s also very knowledgeable about the different ingredients within the dishes.

Grain Store_14758895159_l Grain Store_14945562375_l


I really like the layout and design concept of Grain Store. It is Russell Sage’s idea of an “exploded kitchen” where the open kitchen, exposed brick wall, pipe works give the sense a huge open kitchen diner space. It is a very relaxing atmosphere which suits a post work meal with a few colleagues or even a date (with someone who is a little more adventurous with their food of choice). The outdoor dining area, over seeing granary square and the canal makes it a perfect summer dining location too.


The starters are between £6 to £9, mains between £11 to £19 and dessert around £6 each. I would describe it as affordable for a good dining experience and exceptional quality food.


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One thought on “Restaurant review: Grain Store, KX

  1. Great review! Your writing is fresh, honest and so well put. Your pics look fab!! Thanks for letting me be part of one of your foodie reviews! xx


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