Restaurant review: Barnyard

Charlotte Street (near Godge St Station), London


This is my second attempt to Ollie Dabbous’ brain child. Very pleased to get a decent table on the upper deck of this little restaurant. Barnyard is strategically located on Charlotte Street, packed with trendy restaurants, frequented by foodies and central London workers alike. 


The quirky, “barnyard” deco gives the place character. Staff said that each piece of furniture was carefully picked so that they come together to create this modern farmhouse dining experience. 

The variety of food with the right portion size that enables you to sample as many dishes as possible 🙂 + the deco of the place.

We gave in to temptation and over ordered!


  • Homemade sausage roll with piccalilli
  • Roast suckling pig with celeriac & caraway
  • Roast beef on toast, watercress salad, and warm horseradish buttermilk
  • image
  • Crispy chicken wings with smoked paprika, garlic & lemon (4 pieces)
  • Malt shake and fizzy elderflower to wash it all down

AND the stars of the meal:

  • Barbecued grain-fed short rib, homemade dill pickle, mustard & black treacle – very tender meat, well balanced seasoning, just the right amount of sweetness in the black treacle sauce

  • Bubble & squeak with black pudding, apple chutney & a fried egg – the sweetness of the apple chutney perfectly married the flavour and texture of the bubble & squeak and rich black pudding. The runny fried egg yolk is a welcome bonus! 


  • Warm cornbread – I LOVE cornbread, especially when they are warm, slightly sweetened, soft and moist, all packed up in a paper bag! Mmmmm…



The bill came to just under £60 for the two of us. Judging by the amount and the quality of food, I’d say it is pretty decent for a trendy central London restaurant.

I liked this little restaurant. I like how the furnishing, the enamel coated metal plates, the hanging pendant lightbulbs and the rest of the deco compliments each other to give a special dining experience.  

Knowledgeable and very friendly. Warm welcome + a bit of casual small talk + a spot of humour 🙂 

Overall rating: 9/10


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