Joe’s Southern Kitchen

Covent Garden, London West End

I’ve developed a fondness towards Southern American food since my recent trip to the States. Big flavours, hearty dishes! Joe’s has been on my hit list for a while.


Strategically located in the touristy Covent Garden, Joe’s is visited by foreigners and locals alike. You can tell some of the customers were having Southern American food for the first time – as though they’ve found a new religion!

Highlights: The food, the music (yes, I like a bit of country) and the cocktail variety!

Not so great: Very busy, depending on where you are seated, it can make your experience a less enjoyable one if you are too close to the bar, with merry drinker threatening to sit on your food.

Food: MUST TRY – Buttermilk fried chicken! Well marinated, with flavour running through the crispy skin and the flesh. Pull pork pot, very tender after being spiced and slowly cooked in its own juices. Popcorn shrimp deserved a mention too, has a good kick to it.

The Pecan pie (one of my all time favourite desserts) and the Chocolate brownie with espresso sauce – satisfyingly sweet ending to a hearty meal. Both desserts were not sickly but rather comforting with a “homemade” taste to them.

I must say, I was expecting American size portions BUT was slightly disappointed when I saw the European servings.

Price: Reasonable I thought. A meal for two (lots of food), for under £60.

Atmosphere: Cool vibe, dim lights, diner style. It would have been even cooler if staff were dressed in cowboy / girl costume 🙂

Staff: Not dressed in cowboy costume 😦 but attentive enough. Quick service too.

My overall rating: Good variety of decent food, good experience, 6.5/10

Note to self – must try corn bread next time to avoid food envy.


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