Review: Chef’s table experience @ Parlour Kensal
5 Regent Street, London, NW10 5LG
020 8969 2184

“Make it Fun, Make it Memorable, Make it Parlour!”

This is one of the VERY few occasions where I went to a restaurant before doing any prior research or even looking it up on the trusted Twitter. I was invited to a birthday lunch and I figured, if it is the birthday girl’s restaurant of choice, I shall not question.

And so I ventured up north-ish to an area less traveled (by me) – Kensal Rise.

Tucked away in a side street, the Parlour has a very understated exterior. The magic lies within…

First impression – it is warm, quirky, homely and welcoming. Families, kids, dogs, the clientele looked local. We were taken further into the restaurant and seated in a partitioned part of the room, at a table right outside the kitchen. That is where the Chef’s table experience begun…

The Parlour, Kensal Rise

The Parlour, Kensal Rise

Jesse Dunford – owner / head chef of Parlour, certainly left a lasting impression. I can only describe him as entertaining, personable, a great host with the talent for preparing great food. Instead of telling you in great detail about this memorable experience, I will simply summarise and leave the pictures to tell the story.

Jesse Dunford, Parlour

Jesse Dunford, the great host

From one foodie to another, I urge you to experience Parlour. It will be worth your while!


Food: Very good food. Both freshness of ingredients and the flavour combos are exactly to my taste. Rich, deep flavours with some clever play on texture. Good size portion for a hearty weekend meal.

Pub portion size with top restaurant quality food

Some of the highlights:

  • Pork croquette
  • Duck liver pate,
  • The soda bread (REALLY GOOD)
  • Cow pie
  • Chicken Kyiv
  • Pulled pork + crackling

Price – Very fair prices. The 3.5 hours long Chef’s table experience costed about £60 per person (excl. drinks).

Ambience – Welcoming and warm, with a touch of quirk.

Now feast your eyes on this…


Stilton custard, hazelnut praline

Stilton custard and hazelnut praline crunch

McTuckey's Chicken Popcorn Nugget

McTuckey’s Chicken Popcorn Nugget

Pork croquette

Pork croquette


Leg of duck

Starter - Chestnut hummus

Starter – Chestnut hummus

Duck Pate

One of the many starters – Duck Liver Pate

Chicken lollies and mini fried eggs

Chicken lollies and mini fried eggs

Vegetarian ravioli (with goat's cheese mousse )

Vegetarian ravioli (with goat’s cheese mousse )


Everyone gets a different “Personality-matched” main (can’t remember what this is, but it was tasty)

One of the many mains - the fish dish

One of the many mains – the fish dish

The famous Cow Pie

The famous Cow Pie

Chicken Kyiv

Chicken Kyiv

One of the many mains - pulled pork + crackling

One of the many mains – pulled pork + crackling



The Finale: dessert feast


The “whole-table-long” dessert platter

For more pictures of The Parlour, visit my Flickr account. 

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