Restaurant review: Roti Chai

Roti Chai – West End, London 

Tucked away behind Selfridges, Roti Chai is an eatery design for social hangouts, for those who love food with bags of flavour!

The street food, central location.

The stars of my meal were:

  • Hakka Chilli Paneer – great example of why fusion flavours are so exciting. Paneer (traditional India ingredient), stir fried with Indo-Chinese spices which gives the dish a peppery, garlicky flavour! So mourish!
  • Bun Kebab – mini spiced lamb burger with a succulent, juicy lamb patty that is sweet, sticky and well spiced. Yet another successful flavour combo that creates the “Mmmmm…” mouth feel.

Reasonable for the taste and quality of the food. Dishes from the street food menu have a smaller portion size, as the title suggested.

Bright, high ceiling, open space. Casual, sociable atmosphere. Think meeting up with a few friends after work, grabbing a light bite and catching up or post shopping refuelling. 

Friendly, with a sense of humour 🙂

My overall rating:


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