Dip & Flip, Burger Joint

Dip & Flip, Clapham Junction


January – people talk about detox, diet, healthy eating and so on. I on the other hand think it is too torturing to put one’s body in such shock.

So, with major craving for burger, I went to one of my favourite burger joints – Dip & Flip.

The food

If you are a fan of meaty goodness, you will like the Dip & Flip burger. Imagine… juicy, well flavoured, medium rare patty, topped with thin carving of tender meat, drenched in meat juice, a.k.a GRAVY! And then of course the gooey melted cheese and the ingredient that holds it all together, the soft toasted bun. Extra gravy on the side if you need it, just in case.

There you have one of the best burgers in London!


The Dip ‘n’ Flip

No burger is complete without the kick ass sidekick that is CHIPs.

Dip & Flip serves Poutine. We went for the ‘Poutine Extra’, which consists of crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside chips, cheese curds, GRAVY, crispy bacon and butter cooked green chilli (to take the spicy edge off). Yummmy yumm yumm…!



What’s more?

They do amazing dessert too! This is a big tick for me and my sweet tooth 🙂 We sampled the Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie and the Pecan Pie (my poison) with Bourbon. Both served with cream. They are both intensely scrumptious, just the right portion size to finish off an already amazing meal.



The drinks

Good selection of beer and soft drinks to compliment the burgers. I particularly like the grapefruit drink that is ‘Ting’.

The place

Cosy, rustic, partially opened kitchen, tasteful music, friendly staff.
It’s a burger joint! No frills! No reservation needed if you arrive a little earlier. We managed to get a table on a Friday evening, at around 6.30pm.

The price

All the above came under £40. For the taste and satisfaction I got from the meal, I’d say it is very reasonable.


The menu

Overall rating:

9/10 (Did I say it is one of my favourite burger joints in London?)



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